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Combining the desirable features of traditional timber windows, our uPVC sliding sash windows offer high performance and functionality to homeowners you meet. Perfect for new build homes looking to add a timber appearance to the exterior or for homes looking to replace existing sash windows, these windows are a great middle ground between contemporary and traditional features.

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Excellent Versatility

The design of our sliding sash windows is highly versatile to help homeowners create their ideal window aesthetic. With various features like sash locks, travel restrictors, sightlines and pivot bars, these windows can be customised by security, appearance and design.

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High Performance

Our sliding sash windows offer high performance across weather, noise and thermal reduction. Designed to include triple brush seals and glazing types, these windows can achieve ‘A’ energy ratings and U-values up to 1.3 W/m2K.

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Perfect Durability

Unrivalled in quality, our sliding sash windows provide outstanding durability throughout their lifespan. These windows can provide weather resistance and low maintenance for years using seamless construction.

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Rehau Product Name

Profile depth

137 mm

Max. window size

1800 x 3500 mm

Thermal performance

Exceeds 1.1 W/m2K

Max. Sash weight

60 kg

Glass width

Up to 28 mm


Frame Colours

We are pleased to offer complete customisation across the design of our sliding sash windows. Along with customising the glazing type, our windows can be configured by hardware and finish. Designed to match existing windows and doors or create a new internal and external appearance, we can help find the perfect colour for the desired home aesthetic of your customers.

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Cream Woodgrain Swatch
White Woodgrain Colour Swatch
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Find out more from our brochures

Offering your customers high versatility and customisation, you can view and compare our full range of windows to find the perfect designs for you and your customers. Easy to install and long lasting, view more information on our sliding sash windows below.

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With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we offer our sliding sash windows for manufacturing and delivery in the Salisbury, Wiltshire and Southern areas. Extending our services across the South of England to include Reading, Southampton, Bournemouth and surrounding areas, our committed team are available to deliver our selection of high quality home improvement products. To find out more about our products and services, contact us using the online contact form today.


We take pride in the projects we create and provide for installers around Salisbury, Wiltshire and surrounding Southern areas. While this is only a selection of the many projects we complete, see our project gallery below for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can timber windows be replaced with sliding sash windows?

Our sliding sash windows provide homeowners with an alternative to traditional timber windows, which are perfect for installing on new build properties or replacing existing timber windows in Salisbury, Wiltshire and areas in the South.  Manufactured to include run through horns, deep bottom rails and traditional putty lines on the sashes, our sliding sash windows replicate timber windows in features and appearance at an affordable price and without the stress of rotting or warping wood. To receive these excellent timber window replacements, contact us using the online contact form today.

What joints are used on sliding sash windows?

How can sliding sash windows be customised?

What sash options can be installed in sliding sash windows?

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